FAQ - (old)

Cannot find my instruction/warning card, can I get another?
Yes! just click here

How do I turn the Colsen™ Fire Pit off?
Extinguish by gently covering the flames and smothering them. Use caution as the flame may be clear or nearly invisible. Do not blow on flames to extinguish. Smother them with a drink coaster and allow to cool completely before tightening

Can I refuel while the fire Pit is still burning?
No, never refill, move or touch the fire pit while burning or when it is still hot.

How long will the Colsen™ Fire Pit stay lit?
Depends on the following conditions: ambient air temperature, wind, type of alcohol content of fuel, amount of alcohol poured, etc. You can expect approximate 40+ minutes of burn time.

How long can I burn it?
Please let the Colsen™ Fire Pit cool down for 30 minutes after two consecutive loads (approximately 1.5 hours.)

What material is the Colsen™ Fire Pit made of?
It is made in the USA from a high temperature resistant concrete.

Can I use It indoors?
Yes, the Colsen™ Fire Pit is safe to use indoors. Isopropyl alcohol will only produce water vapor and carbon dioxide when burned, no toxins will generate.

Can I cook S’mores over it?
Of course, you can! Isopropyl Alcohol produce water vapor and carbon dioxide when burned, no toxins will generate while burning.

Can I use it on a windy day?
Yes, you can use it on a windy day. (it could be hard to light it on at first, but when the fire pit gets hot it will be difficult for the wind to blow it out.)

What happens if its tip-over or spills?
Colsen™ Fire Pits must be used strictly on horizontal, stable and flat surface. In case of spillage use an extinguisher to put it out. Make sure you use your Colsen™ Fire Pits away from any flammable objects.