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America's #1 Rated Indoor Fire Pit. Made in the USA.

Elegance at home

Made right here in the USA, our fire pits are expertly crafted out of high-quality, high temperature resistant concrete. Smokeless & orderless for seamless indoor or outdoor comfort.

Give the Gift of fire

What could be better than gifting a personalized fire pit to be enjoyed throughout the home (inside and outside), bringing a warm and cozy ambience?

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Absolutely love this fire pit! I can’t believe I have gone so many years without it. I ran it both inside and out - it looks stunning and is a great centrepiece - The fire pit is super straightforward and easy to use. The pit itself is aesthetically appealing especially if you are a minimalist like myself. I went out and purchased Isopropyl alcohol (99% - the instructions say to use 70 or 91, website says to use a minimum of 70, so I went with 99). Once you fill the reservoir with the alcohol (fill so you have an inch and change of space from the top) use a torch lighter to ignite the flame just by lighting it close to the Alcohol. It lasted about 25-30 mins. The flame was odourless and contained! The cork snuffer worked immediately to put out the flame when I needed to.

I love this so much I will likely buy the rectangular one as well. Came quickly and was economically packed.

Amazon Customer

I have purchased 4 of these now. Two for the house and two as gifts; as soon as people see them, they want one! They make great gifts and are perfect for use outside in the evening to provide a warm ambience. They are well made and have a good insulated base, but they do get very hot so be aware of the surface you place them on. If you use a high % of alcohol as recommended, there is no smoke or soot. The literature says they can be used indoors, but personally, I would not want to risk that.

Terry B.

This is a great thing to have for an outdoor porch. Its a lot of fun to have a small fire in it and its a great conversation piece with guests or for parties. It burns about 40-45 minutes on a full load of alcohol. It gets very hot during use and for up to 30 minutes even after the fire is out so wherever you place it is where it should stay until it cools off completely.


Highly recommend. I don’t have a fireplace at my apartment but I really wanted something for the cold winter nights during a light rain. This small fire pit is perfect for indoor and outdoors. I used it to also roast marshmallows for s’mores and it turned out perfect. You can totally use this as decoration, or date night, or girls night! The flame is not too small and not too big it’s the right size.

Los Angeles, CA

Very easy to use, looks simplistic, the fire tends to last 30mins if you fill it up pretty high! Worth the money for indoor and outdoor fire pit. 10/10 recommend. This would make a nice gift.

Amazon Customer